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6 Hours Behind the Wheel

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6 Hours Behind the Wheel

3 Sessions, 2 hours each structured to teach proper driving techniques. A detailed student driving evaluation report is completed after each lesson to assist the instructor and the student’s parents.
With one on one instruction and no other students in the training vehicle, we can insure your son or daughter’s safety – not only for their well being, but for your peace of mind. Preparing them for the uncertainties of driving is critical.


This on-street driving course will provide your teen driver with the skills necessary to be a safe defensive driver. Students will receive their DMV Certification of Behind the Wheel training completion after finishing all 3 sessions of this class. Training sessions are spread apart allowing students time to practice what they are learning. additional charges apply for payment plans.

Session One – 2 Hours

  • Student/Parent orientation

  • Driving preparation

  • Understanding Steering & Control

  • Braking

  • Vision

  • Residential driving

  • Turns, stops & starts at intersection

  • Turning & backing under various conditions

  • Parking forward & backing out

  • Driving assignment sheet

Session Two – 2 Hours

  • Parallel parking

  • Rules of the Road

  • Throttle / Brake control

  • Lane changes

  • Speed & Space Management

  • Turns at intersection right, left & u-turns

  • 3-point turns

  • Uphill/downhill parking

  • Driving Assignment Sheet

Session Three – 2 Hours

  • Freeway driving

  • Entering & exiting freeways

  • Pre-drive test

  • Night time driving (depending upon appt. time)

  • Driving assignment sheet

  • DMV Certification of completion behind the wheel training.



We provide students with a great wealth of driver safety knowledge so they can drive with confidence needed on todays always fast-paced highway and Providing more than just the minimum requirements.


Being prepared for any situation is vital. Our professional law enforcement instructors take pride in preparing students for all driving problems, seen and unforeseen.


Once you have completed our entire training program we have now prepared you for the road and have been provided the tools necessary to be a safe driver, and should be able to prevent a dangerous driving situation.