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Advanced Driver Training

This is a one day training session customized crash avoidance course. Student will be required to drive several designed courses in the day and be de-briefed after each driving course. It is recommended that the student provide their own vehicle. This will assist them in knowing how to handle their own vehicle.


Teen Road to Safety has designed a skills program that addresses the leading cause of teen crashes. This program consists of several skills that teens need to focus on to reduce their involvement in crashes. Upon completion of course, student receives certificate of training for potentially receiving 20% discount on Vehicle Insurance.

Important Advanced Driving Class Information

Before the Event: Be on time! Registration starts at 8:30 am so arrive early enough to prepare yourself and your car. Remove all loose articles from inside your vehicle. Check that your vehicle has enough gas and the tire pressure is at the recommended pressure. Make sure your brakes are in good condition and all fluids are level. Bring to the Event: Appropriate weather attire, hat, sun screen, etc. Iced bottled water for drinking will be provided by Teen Road to Safety.

There will be a 45 minute lunch break. Parents and guest attending please bring lawn chairs.

Advanced Class Registration Info Training fee due before start course. 48-hour notice of cancellation required for previously scheduled & paid classes Cancellations with less than 48-hour notice will incur a $100.00 fee (scheduled & paid classes only) Cancellations after 4pm Friday on a weekend or Monday lesson will be charged a cancellation fee We gladly accept Visa, Master Card, AMEX, checks or cash. Payment Plans accepted on all bundled classes. Billing is on 60 day schedule.


We provide students with a great wealth of driver safety knowledge so they can drive with confidence needed on todays always fast-paced highway and Providing more than just the minimum requirements.


Being prepared for any situation is vital. Our professional law enforcement instructors take pride in preparing students for all driving problems, seen and unforeseen.


Once you have completed our entire training program we have now prepared you for the road and have been provided the tools necessary to be a safe driver, and should be able to prevent a dangerous driving situation.