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Class Room Instruction: 4 days with 26 hours total instruction. Multiple Locations Police Officers as Instructors Meets DMV approved criteria


Our classroom training consists of eight modules that will total 30 hours of education. Each classroom module is separate from the others and can be taken in any order. Depending on your schedule you can start with any module and continue in any order until all eight modules have been completed. This system has been designed to allow each student the flexibility necessary to meet their families busy schedule. You will receive a class curriculum that you will add to your study guide at registration prior to the start of each module. This will allow you to focus on the current class, rather than the entire program. Once you have completed all eight modules, your study guide will be complete and it will become a reference manual that you can use during the driving portion of your training. Within seven days you will also receive your Certificate of Completion in the mail.


We provide students with a great wealth of driver safety knowledge so they can drive with confidence needed on todays always fast-paced highway and Providing more than just the minimum requirements.


Being prepared for any situation is vital. Our professional law enforcement instructors take pride in preparing students for all driving problems, seen and unforeseen.


Once you have completed our entire training program we have now prepared you for the road and have been provided the tools necessary to be a safe driver, and should be able to prevent a dangerous driving situation.