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About Teen Road To Safety

Owner and operator Andrew Wunderlich has been involved in law enforcement for 21 years. As a law enforcement officer he trained police recruits in defensive driving techniques.

Repeatedly at the top of his class in police drivers training, Andrew has received numerous commendations for safe driving and traffic awareness. He is certified by the U.S. Department of Transportation as a Drug Recognition Expert and is licensed by the Department of Motor Vehicles. Andrew has also participated and advised in other professional driving schools.

Andrew founded Teen Road to Safety, Inc after retiring from the Los Angeles police department in 2004. Andrew has taught over 3,000 teens how to drive. Started an advanced training program to assist teens to become better driver`s. Guest speaker to both public and private schools in regards to safe driving.

With a career dedicated to traffic safety you can rest assured that your teen is in safe hands and will receive the very best in Safe, Defensive Driving.

President & CEO of Teen Road to Safety

  • Traffic Commissioner, City of Laguna Niguel

  • Educator for Public & Private High Schools in Driver Training

  • Member Driving School Association of CA, Inc.

  • Los Angeles Police Officer (retired) with 21 years of service.

  • Driving Instructor On-Street & Advanced Training

  • Trainer for Mercedes-Benz Driving Academy

  • AARP instructor for seniors


Teen Road to Safety South OC

Dan Mulrenin

United States Marine Corps Sergeant from 1975 to 1979 with honorable discharge. Los Angeles Police Lieutenant 1980 to 2008. Law Enforcement Instructor for United States Navy / Dept. of Defense which included Drivers Instruction, CPR and First Aid Instructor, and Emergency Vehicle Operation Instruction. Owner of TRTS Teen Road to Safety of Newport.

Teen Road To Safety San Diego

John Hauschild

Teen Road To Safety Temecula

Olivia Chance
Alan Chance

Alan and Olivia decided to open a Teen Road to Safety Franchise in Temecula, Calfornia because they saw how different Teen Road to Safety is compared to other driving schools. Olivia comes from a law enforcement family and was the manager for Teen Road To Safety at Rancho Santa Margarita for three years. Alan and Olivia saw the value in Teen Road to Safety that other driving schools didn't have. Since our law enforcement instructors drove for a living, we know that they can teach teens the proper skill sets to drive safely. While other driving schools taught teens how to pass the DMV tests, Teen Road to Safety focuses on teaching teens how to develop the skills needed to drive safely on the roadways. Alan and Olivia believe that Teen Road To Safety is the best driving school around to teach teens the proper skills to drive safely on the roadways.