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About Teen Road To Safety

Teen Road to Safety is NOT your average driving school.

ALL driving instructors are current or retired Law Enforcement , Secondly, drivers training goes beyond the DMV State requirements. Students at Teen Road to Safety are not only taught everything that relates to driving a motor vehicle on roads and highways under normal conditions students are taught how to defensively drive a motor vehicle and under stand car control during a closed course crash avoidance training day. One of these exercises is learning to regain control of a car after it has spun out in the water: how to navigate obstacles on the road; and the effects that texting and driving under the influence can affect your ability to drive a motor vehicle safely.

"Statistically, teenagers are the age group at the highest risk of being involved in a car crash,” this is due not only to inexperience but lack of training. Translation: Even good kids who are doing nothing wrong while driving are at a high risk of being involved in a car crash simply due to lack of exposure to common traffic scenarios. “ Parents need to understand that driving was much different back when we learned, We didn’t have as many drivers; there weren’t as many distractions; roads are wider and speed limits are higher; and even cars are made lighter and faster now.

Driving schools are not the same and the problem is that these mom and pop driving schools only take their students to the DMV and practice the test route, placing multiple teens in one training vehicle at a time and hiring inexperienced driving instructors whose only care is to ride around with a group of teens without giving any proper instruction.

Ask your self “What is your child worth?” Partnering with local FORD Dealerships has also been beneficial, as teens get to drive new Ford Mustangs and feel the nuances of a modern car, which is not often the case in other driving schools, but most of all, our instructors who are retired police officers go above and beyond each day to teach teens how to drive safely. I don’t think there is anybody who works for us as an instructor who hasn’t seen somebody killed in a car crash while working as a police officer. So, why not teach these kids to drive defensively and safely? They will be driving the same roads and highways we all share so it makes perfect sense to teach them correctly from the very start.

Our mission is to Provide a quality service of training to your child, Prepare your child for all areas of driving through our structured training program and giving your child the skills to Prevent them from becoming a statistic.