Frequently Asked Questions

A: For the basic training, we supply our Ford vehicles. For the defensive driving course your own automobile is required so that you can better learn to operate your own vehicle.
A: Yes. Anyone can take our defensive driving courses.
A: Each lesson is scheduled within a six month period. Student is required to perform 15 to 20 hours of practice between lessons one and two. The third lesson is scheduled one month prior to their drive test.
A: you need a white certificate indicating you are enrolled in a licensed driving school. You can obtain this form from us. You will also need your daughter’s original birth certificate and social security card. You can take a practice written test here. DMV also accepts appointments online – make an appointment with DMV.
A: Most driving schools out there only teach the minimum to help your teen pass the DMV driving test. They do not teach defensive driving. Your child’s life is priceless. Why would you buy your son or daughter a $5.00 helmet to protect their head? Allow us to train your child to be well educated in traffic laws and safe driving techniques. The value of our courses are priceless.
A: Yes, see our advanced course section.
A: Yes, extra lessons are available to help with any areas that are not proficient. Click here to register.
A: Yes, if you have a manual transmission vehicle, we would offer instruction how to use it.
A: Yes! We specialize in teaching people with special attention needs.
A: Yes- we have a new Senior Road to Safety course. Call us for details at. 1-888-253-7483.
A: No problem. You will be driving on the freeway in no time with the skill & confidence you need.
A: We have both. Our classroom sessions are comprehensive and convenient. See the classroom training section for details. Our OnLine/Home Study course is the only one in California recommended by the NDII, the National Driving Instructors Institute. Both exceed the minimum California DMV requirements.