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Provide. Prepare. Prevent.

We go above and beyond minimum DMV requirements

Prepare our teens to be defensive drivers

Advanced Driver's Training

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What Makes Us Different?

All of our instructors are current or retired Law Enforcement Officers.

Our Mission

PROVIDE: It can happen in a flash! It would be a lot simpler if we had time to react to dangerous situations, but that just isn't realistic. We provide students with a great wealth of driver safety knowledge so they can drive with confidence needed on today's always fast-paced highway and training that goes beyond the minimum requirments.

PREPARE: Being prepared for any situation is vital. Our professional law enforcement instructors take pride in preparing students for all driving problems, seen and unforeseen.

PREVENT: Once you have completed our entire training program, you'll be better prepared for the road. You'll have the tools necessary to be a safe driver and the skills to assess and prevent a dangerous driving situation.